Getting Started With Exercise Planning…The Right Way!

As part of the Big Day Body Foundation Plan I want to make sure you get started the right way and set yourself up for success. That starts with making sure you are able to accurately track your progress and see your results as you move through the Big Day Body Plan program.

We are going to track your body measurements and progress in two ways…

1. Taking Body Progress Pictures 

One of the ways that we will review your results is by recording progress pictures – one from the front & one from the side. On the right is an example of good progress pictures. Ideally you should wear clothing that shows your current body shape clearly (so avoid loose or baggy clothing) and you should be stood in a place/position that is easy to replicate time and time again for consistency.

2. Tracking Your Progress With A Body Measurements Tracker

A progress tracker is another way that we will track your results. You can view, save & download the tracker by clicking the button to the right. This sheet has 4 simple bits of information for you to track that will give a good indication of progress over time.

*Top Tip* Do each measurement twice to double check your body measurements for accuracy and reduce the effects of human error. Ever I make mistakes when taking measurements sometimes and I must have done them well over a thousand times!


Submitting Your Photos & Body Measurements

Submitting your body measurements couldn’t be easier! Simply send me an email with your two photos attached and either a photo of your progress tracker sheet, or a message with your body measurements included. Send your email over to and I will make sure all your information is stored in your own individual file for me to update each time you submit a progress report, or ‘Check-In’ as I like to call them.

Body Progress Check-Ins

As part of the 12-Week Transformation Plan there will be 4 progress check-ins to make sure you are on track and to highlight any struggles you may be having before they throw you off track. The check-ins will happen at the following points…

1st – Week 1 (ideally as soon as possible)

2nd – End of Week 3 (Sunday)

3rd – End of Week 5 (Sunday)

4th – End of Week 7 (Sunday)

5th – End of Week 9 (Sunday)

At the end of the 10 weeks you should have a total of 10 images of yourself (5 front, 5 side) and 5 lots of  measurements. This will allow you to clearly see your progress over the 4 weeks and assess what you need to focus on next in order to continue your progress.

Check-In's To Complete

Next Steps To Achieve Your Body Goals…

Fill out the information on your tracker and take your first set of progress pictures to track your results over the next 4 weeks.

Submit your photos and measurements by email to
Make sure you have joined the private community that goes along with the Foundation Plan using this link: Join The Community

Top Tips To Start Loosing Body Fat…

Get Rid Of Temptation Get rid of all the crap that is in your house of the next few days. I haven’t given you your nutrition plan yet (although you can find it in the Week 1 section) but you know what types of things I’m on about. Get rid of anything you know is likely to tempt you away from eating well and ruin your progress.

‘You Time’ Decide NOW when you are going to set aside 20 minutes for yourself to make sure you get to exercise regularly. You are going to HAVE to give yourself some time to do this, so make the decision now whilst in a good mindset and set yourself up for success right away.

Get Clear – VERY IMPORTANT! I have recorded an excellent video lesson on how to set yourself some REAL goals that will guarantee to get you motivated and keep you that way over the next 4 weeks. It does require you to sit down and take in the information, as well as write a few things down…but trust me, this will be one of the most satisfying and rewarding exercises you have ever done for yourself. If you’re sat saying to yourself “I don’t have time to watch that” – then do the following… Tonight, instead of watching a program you usually watch on TV, sit down with me and work through your goals. It will be massively beneficial, eye-opening, and give you immense clarity about what it is that you ACTUALLY want from this. Watch the video here below…

Final Tip For Tracking Body Measurements…

If you don’t want to have to mess around getting someone else to take your body measurements, or if you don’t have a tape measure already, I recommend buying one of these Anatomical Tape Measures that make measuring yourself really simple and very accurate…

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