Week 1

As we begin your journey to achieve your very own ‘Big Day Body’ we need to start by focusing our attention on the few things that REALLY matter when it comes to making big changes to the way you look and feel. For now, all our attention is going to be focused on two key areas…


We need to find the right plan for you and give you a clear outline of how it works and what you should be eating.


We need to make sure you have time set aside to complete the training plans included as part of your membership.

The rest of this page is dedicated to helping you decide which approach to take when it comes to nutrition and what sort of results you can expect based on your level of strictness and consistency with your chosen plan.

Everything you need to know about exercise for now can be found further down this page as I introduce you to the ‘Kickstarter Workouts’.

Nutrition 101

Bridal Cleanse (Food. Made. Simple)

The first of the two plans on offer inside the 12-Week Transformation Plan is what I call the Bridal Cleanse. This plan is the stricter of the two on offer and is based on ridding the body of excess toxins and any nasties that are in your system that could reduce the amount of fat your body is able to burn longer term. To view an example of the plan, and watch a short video of me explaining this approach, please click the Bridal Cleanse image.

Healthy Bride Plan (Low Carb / High Carb)

The second option in the 12-Week Transformation Plan is what I like to call the Healthy Bride Plan. This option is less strict than the Bridal Cleanse and focuses solely on creating health eating habits that you can maintain for a lifetime that as a result, will help you lose weight, increase your energy & improve your overall health. To view an example of the plan and watch a short video explanation, please click the image.

To start off with we are going to keep your exercise very simple and very short in duration. This is for 2 basic reasons…

  1. We want to make sure you have no time-related excuse not to exercise
  2. We only need small amounts of exercise to start with to see results. We can get more specific later

Below you can access 6 different ‘Kickstarter Workouts’ so that you always have something new to try and plenty of variety.

Kickstarter 1

Kickstater 2

Kickstarter 3

Kickstarter 4

Kickstarter 5

Kickstarter 6

1 Choose A Plan

2 Get Stocked Up On The Foods You Need

3 Look Over The ‘Workouts’ Section

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