Week 2

In Week 2 we delve more deeply in to training as I take you through what it takes to get amazing results. You’ve already seen the ‘Workouts’ section of the membership site and the plans involved, now it’s time to understand how and why they work effectively, and why it is so important to train this way.


Whether you are on the Bridal Cleanse or the Healthy Bride Plan, at the end of Week 2 you are entitled to a ‘Free’ meal. This means that for 1 meal you are allowed to eat and drink things that are not ‘on plan’ as long as you don’t go completely mental! The aim here is to give your body some extra calories than it has been used to over the first 2 weeks so that your metabolism has to increase in order to deal with the calorie surplus. This also gives you an opportunity to socialise with friends & family, or just eat something completely different than the last couple of weeks. See below for Nutrition FAQ’s at this stage…

Can I Eat ANYTHING In MY Free Meal?
In theory ‘Yes’ – but I would recommend still having a sensible head on your shoulders when it comes to your free meal and not going completely mad. Remember, the aim is for us to be building ‘Health’ so going out for a massive kebab and 3 bottles of wine isn’t ideal. However, a nice steak out with your other half and a bottle of red is fine…even if it does come with chips and a creamy sauce!
How Often Can I Have A 'Free Meal'?
After completing 2 full weeks of either plan, you can have a Free Meal each week – twice at a push! Usually I go with the guidelines of…Eat clean Monday to Saturday evening, have a free meal Saturday evening, then get back ‘on plan’ from Sunday morning. The worst thing you can do is let a free meal lead in to the next day as you will generally then let it carry on even longer.
What Do I Do Next With My Nutrition?
If you are on the Bridal Cleanse you need to change your plan after 2 weeks and switch to the Health Bride Plan so that we can get some carbohydrates back in to your body. If you are already on the Healthy Bride Plan then keep going for the next 2 weeks and staying consistently ‘clean’ with your eating habits.
I'm Getting Bored Of The Same Foods, What Should I Do?
…Eating some different ones would be a start. Remember to keep your nutrition as varied as possible and rotate which meats and vegetables you consume where possible. Also make use of different herbs and spices to give your meals a wide variety of flavours.
Can I Change What I Drink Now?
Having a cup of coffee a day is fine if you feel you need to add some caffeine back in to your routine (presuming you took it out as part of the Cleanse). Alcohol should be kept to ‘Free Meals’ where possible. Fruit juices are absolutely loaded with sugar, as are sports drinks & most sodas, so aren’t ideal at all. Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water and try flavouring it with fresh mint, lime or lemon to give yourself a different taste. Adding lemon and lime to water also reduces acidity in the body, which is ideal when trying to lose weight.


It’s That Time Again…

On Sunday, at the end of this week (Week 2), it’s time to submit your second check-in.

For this you will need to submit 2 more progress pictures and your measurements from the tracker. As with last time, email them across to matt.robinson@pro-fitpt.co.uk and I will take a look over them and provide some feedback for you.


These check-ins are massively important for going motivation (if you are progressing well) or additional help and feedback (if you aren’t seeing results yet). Therefore, they are extremely important and need to be submitted on time and the images need to be of good quality to track visual changes.


Check-Ins So Far

1 Watch The Workouts Video And Apply The Principles

2 Have Your First ‘Free Meal’

3 Post An Update On How You Are Getting On In The Facebook Group

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