When Things Get Tough…

This section is designed entirely for the purpose of helping you stay on track, or get back on track, when times get tough and you start to face the odd obstacle or two. Inside, you will find info to help you out with 3 key components of getting & staying on track…




Earlier in the Motivation & Tracking Section (previous page) I shared with you a video that talks you through the process of goal setting in order to help you understand what your REAL goals are and what it is that DRIVES you in terms of wanting to get in shape for your wedding. You should be very clear on that if you followed the video and did the activities. If you are still unclear, watch the video again and take your time to work your way through it. Sometimes it can take time for you to figure out what you really want from looking great on your wedding day and why that is.

If you are still struggling, use the video and various tools/stories below to help you out…

What Motivates Matt

A while ago I shared a personal insight with a group of Brides I was working with to give them an idea of my approach to motivation and what it is that motivates me. In this section of the program I would like to share these same insights with you, so that you too can understand how my approach to motivation works and how I have used it to help me do things that previously I found difficult and almost impossible.

Motivation Insight


Noticing The Benefits

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is to simply remind yourself regularly of all the benefits you are now experiencing as a result of changing your lifestyle. In the document you can access on the left, I document some of the benefits you may notice as you progress through the plan and give an example from a Bride I recently worked with online and how it impacted her.

Other Bride’s Success (And Struggles)

Nicola's Story

Yvette's Story

Paula's Story

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