Week 6

Now that you have got to grips with the foundations of a healthy nutrition and exercise plan, let’s delve in to a common issue Women deal with each month that can easily send the off-track.

How To Deal With Periods & Cravings…

Compliance Tracker

I also want to introduce you to a different way of tracking your nutrition that makes your progress in this area very ‘Black or White’.

Tracking nutrition is massively important for long-term success and there are a variety of ways to do it. The way I outline below is a system I created for some of my 1-1 clients who wanted a simple ‘Yes or No’ answer to the question…”How well have I done with my nutrition this week?”

The compliance tracker produces a number that tells you how well you have done and you can adopt your approach based on that….

Download Tracker

Check-In Time

It’s That Time Again…

On Sunday, at the end of this week (Week 6), it’s time to submit your next check-in.

For this you will need to submit 2 more progress pictures and your measurements from the tracker. As with last time, email them across to matt.robinson@pro-fitpt.co.uk and I will take a look over them and provide some feedback for you.


These check-ins are massively important for going motivation (if you are progressing well) or additional help and feedback (if you aren’t seeing results yet). Therefore, they are extremely important and need to be submitted on time and the images need to be of good quality to track visual changes.

Your next check-in will not be until Week 9 now where we do the ‘Big Check-In’ as the plan draws to a close. So getting this one done now is even more important as there is now a 3 week gap until your next one.

1 Download the Compliance Tracker and fill it in for this week.

2 Implement info from video for your next ‘Time of the Month’.

3 Make sure you submit your latest check-in to matt.robinson@pro-fitpt.co.uk.

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