Week 5

Check out the video below for more advanced information about what to do with your nutrition and some answers to the most commonly asked questions we get from Brides at this stage of the plan…

Nutrition Hacks…

I have created a simple document with 3 of my favourite healthy convenience foods inside so that you can see what types of things I use when with Brides who get really busy or spend a lot of time travelling.

These 3 foods pack good nutritional values, a good amount of protein, and will keep you going when you get hungry to avoid reaching out for typical ‘unhealthy’ snacks.

Healthy Snack Guide


100+ Healthy Recipes

Keeping Things Varied

At this stage of the plan you can find yourself eating the same things over and over, and staying on track can become a little tedious to say the least. But don’t worry. I have a solution for you!

The team I work with at Pro-Fit Personal Training have put together over 100 healthy recipes you can use to stay on track whilst keeping your nutrition varied and super-tasty. Download your copy now…

Recipe Book


1 Continue To Use The ‘Training Breakdown Workouts’ From Last Week

2 Watch The Video About ‘Advanced Nutrition’

3 Pick 3 Recipes From The Recipe Book To Try Over The Next Week

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