Week 7

Lifestyle Hacks To Manage Stress, Sleep Better & Get In Shape Quicker!

Stress Busting Worksheet

I cannot stress how important the information in the video above is in order to make sure you live a lifestyle with less stress, better quality sleep, and improved health overall.

This plan is about WAY more than just shaping up for your wedding day and I want you to start thinking longer-term about how this plan can help you change your lifestyle in to a healthier one you can continue way in to married life.

Take 5 minutes today to download and work through the ‘Stress Busting Worksheet’ above as this will act as a great catalyst for you taking control of certain things that stress you out and pull you off-track. By working through that sheet and coming away with one action today, you will have set the wheels in motion for taking control of your stress levels, and ultimately…your health!

1 Watch The Lifestyle Video & Make Notes On What You Need To Work On

2 Work Through The ‘Stress Busting’ Worksheet And Take 1 Action

3 Continue Using The ‘Training Breakdown’ Workouts

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