The Big Review

As we enter the last few weeks of the plan it’s time to do a full review of your progress so far and to get honest with yourself in terms of what you are doing really well and what you can improve over the next few weeks.

How It’s Going To Work…

1 Take Your Progress Pictures & Measurements As You Would Normally Do

2 Download The Review Document And Answer The Questions (Make Note Of Answers)

3 Submit Your Check-In Photos & Measurements To Matt As Normal, Plus Your Key Actions/Findings From Completing The Review Sheet

Super-Important Steps!

This part of the plan is VITAL for your long-term success.

This review system is something I use with my 1-1 clients who I work with personally in the gym and it is by far one of the most powerful tools we have for making progress with clients.


Because without taking 5 minutes to do something like this review sheet, we just keep doing what we’ve been doing so far without stopping to assess if what we are doing is getting us the results we had hoped.

This review system will help you…Keep doing the positive things that are working, highlight the areas for improvement, and give you some simple actions you can take (and I can help you implement) to get you even better results!

…That’s why it’s super-important!

1 Complete The Review Sheet Attached Here – Review Sheet

2 Submit Your Key Answers, Plus Your Normal ‘Check-In’ To

3 Continue Using The ‘Training Breakdown’ Workouts*

*With these workouts I now want you to start making improvements where possible. I want you to start doing one (or a combination) of the following things….reduce your rest times, add some resistance to the exercises, do more rounds, increase your reps.


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