The Next 10 Weeks Of Your Life Could Be Very Interesting. If You Just Let Me Help You Get Started...

See how you how you can quickly and easily drop unwanted weight and look stunning on your wedding day…all without fad diets, crazy exercise routines or banning your favourite foods…

Look, let me level with you:

I’m not a medical professional, I’m not a super-qualified sports coach, and I’m not a nutritionist or registered dietitian, so if you want one of those you’re in the wrong place.

But what I am, is a guy who is awesome at helping brides, like you, get in to amazing shape for your big day, no matter where you are now, or how long you have until the day. This may sound like I’m bragging, but don’t just take my word for it, read what some of my clients have to say…

By the time June came around I had dropped 2 dress sizes and was starting to enjoy my new look body. How I dressed was changing, tighter fitting clothes started to feature in my wardrobe as my confidence in my appearance grew. Perfect timing for the July wedding day (and our honeymoon). Paula

Just back from Mexico and now a married lady! We had the best time and I felt amazing, all thanks to Matt Robinson and his body plan and the support he provides. Natalie

I actually ENJOYED being on the wrong side of the camera and I felt awesome in my dress.  I look at the photos now and smile instead of cringe (for the first time in forever).  I honestly don’t believe that I would have had such an incredible day without Matt and his dedication to me and my goals. Nicola

Just wanted to say another huge thank you, I felt amazing in my wedding dress and got so many compliments. Wouldn’t have done it without your help setting me on the right path Matt. Had the best day ever and hope you all have a great day when it’s your turn! Wendy

Get the motivation, help and support you need by following the simple Bride-specific exercise and nutrition system developed by Me – ‘Bridal Training Expert’, Matt Robinson

…so you can be certain you will feel confident and camera-ready on your wedding day.

First, let’s check this plan is right for you – Are you?

Getting married in the next 3-18 months?
Adamant you want to look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day?
Would love to feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera?
Want to tone-up, lose the excess fat from your stomach, arms and thighs – so your dress fits perfectly?
In need of support, as you lack the motivation to get started (and keep going)?
Want to avoid things that don’t work, or get results that don’t last?

Find yourself saying ‘Yes’ to any of the above?…Good, it sounds like you’re in exactly the right place

Now let me show you exactly how I can help you…

If you're ready to look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day, then I can help you.

About Matt (The Creator)…

Hey, I’m Matt and I’m here to help you achieve your Big Day Body – Just like I have with 100’s of other Brides.

Big Day Body‘ is a phrase I use to describe a Bride’s own interpretation of how she wants to look and feel on her special day; and not what magazines, media, or society as a whole expects of a modern day bride.

I have worked with Brides that wanted to be a size 16, others that wanted to be a size 10 or 12, some that just wanted to feel fantastic and full of energy, as well as others that purely wanted to be healthy and fitter than ever – so that they have laid the foundations for starting their own family.

Your ‘Big Day Body’ is whatever YOU want it to be …and I feel privileged to help you start achieving it now!

REVEALED: My Unique Transformation Program Designed Specifically for Brides

This system has been developed over the past 7+ years and has been designed specifically to help busy brides-to-be who want to lose weight, tone-up and feel their best for their wedding day.

We help Brides achieve this using the following…

Online Membership Site: You can access everything in one place, so you needn’t go trawling round the internet, or playing Russian Roulette with your goals by asking a rookie personal trainer.
Nutrition Support: We have a variety of plans and approaches, so you can pick EXACTLY what suits you best.
Workout Archive: Our comprehensive ‘Workout Archive’ means you can choose different workouts so you never get bored…and never have to train for longer than 20 minutes at a time!
Facebook Community: Need more support? Join our FREE Facebook Community and get help and advice from other Brides just like you! 
100+ Page Recipe Book: You can forget ‘Diet Food’. All our recipes are tasty, quick and easy to make, and will enhance your fat loss.
A Step-By-Step Plan To Follow: You’re given what you need, when you need it – less overwhelm, better results!
 Affordability: Full access for less than £10 per week

I understand how you feel…

At the moment you probably feel overwhelmed, stressed and a little unsure of how you are ever going to look amazing on your big day – never mind find the time to fit it all in!

Before she came to me, that’s exactly how Katie felt (see image below). However, when working with Me she lost 2 dress sizes in the 3-months leading up to her final dress fitting and looked fantastic on her big day. Look! She even invited me along to the wedding reception…

Are You Ready To Feel Your Absolute Best On Your Big Day?

✔  No more worrying about how you will look in your wedding dress

✔  Guaranteed weight loss & toning so that you look amazing on your big day

✔  Turning the heads of friends and family as you walk down the aisle

✔  No fear of being upstaged by your bridesmaids!

✔  Not dreading having to stand in front of the camera and feeling uncomfortable

✔  Feeling elated with your wedding photos and all the happy memories they remind you of from your special day

In fact, don’t just take my word of it…

Here’s What A Small Group Of Brides Have Had To Say About Matt and The Big Day Body Plan…

*Click To Play Video*

You might be wondering how much this costs?


When you consider that UK Brides are spending £1000’s on their special day, with a good portion of that amount being spent on how you will look on the day (your…dress, shoes, hair, make-up, nails etc.) – It’s easy to think that working towards your ‘Big Day Body’ won’t be cheaper either, right?

Well, that’s where you’d be surprised!

The Big Day Body Plan is a 10 week program so if we break down each component, and the value of each aspect, here’s how much it would usually cost to work with me and recieve those things over a 10-week period…  

✔ Bespoke workouts to fit your schedule (£150)

✔ Tailored nutrition plan designed for the best fat loss and toning results possible (£150)

✔ Access to my Private Members-Only Group (£75)

 ✔ 170-page recipe book (£35)

Based on the above, if the plan was £250 it would be fantastic value. 

but the Big Day Body Plan is even better value than that!

Yes! by signing up today, through this page, I’m offering you full access for just £97.

Or, to put it another way

It’s less than £10 per week!

Full access to all of this and my proven systems designed to guarantee you look your absolute best on your wedding day and get cherished photos you can look back on for years.  

WARNING: This is not just available to anyone.

I don’t say that to be flippant, but this does require a commitment from you to really want to get results.   

As you’ve read so far, the workouts are easy to follow, you don’t have to spend hours in the gym (you don’t even need to go to a gym!) and you can eat delicious, tasty meals. But what you do need is to be within 6-18 months of your wedding day ideally, and be dedicated to getting great results that will last a lifetime.

Think you fit the bill?


Want Access To All Of This?…

Here’s a breakdown of the 3 key aspects of the plan PLUS a quick behind-the-scenes video of EXACTLY what you will get access too…

1. Membership Site Access

A place to access EVERYTHING you need to shape-up for your wedding day:

– A huge variety of 20-minute training plans

– Two different eating plans (choose which suits you best)

– Tracking documents to print and record your progress

…All resources can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world and all resources are fully downloadable and prinatble for you to keep.


2. Private Members-Only Support Group

Each small intake of Brides is accompanied by a private members-only Facebook Group that i set up and run to provide you with the following…

– Quick response times to any questions or problems you may have

– Access to likeminded Brides all going on the same journey as you

– Regular updates: next weigh-in date, new training plans, additions to our recipe list, and updates on what week you are up to and what you should be implementing from the membership site (to make sure you get use of your membership)


3. Ongoing Support & Accountability

Despite being mainly delivered through our Onling Membership Website & Private Facebook Group, you will also get access to Me (Matt) in a 1-2-1 format via email. This is to make sure that you get chance to submit your progress updates and for me to give you some specific feedback about what you need to be focusing on and potentially changing.

These bi-weekly ‘check-ins’ make a HUGE difference to Brides and are one of the key components we have highlighted as having a big impact on the results people achieve. Having this accountability built in to the plan keeps you motivated for much longer and allows you to recieve the required level of help if you do ever struggle and need some individual support (as well as the group support).

Here's A Few More Of Our Happy Brides...

The day came to try on my wedding dress and I’ll never forget the feeling when I looked in the mirror…The day itself was unforgettable. It was everything I had dreamed of! And most importantly, I didn’t spend it worrying about how I looked. I felt comfortable and confident in front of the camera. I actually looked forward to having my Wedding photos taken!


On the day I felt absolutely amazing! No ‘back-boob’ and the smile on my face on the pictures tells you everything you need to know about how I felt and how confident I was in my own skin.


As I was marrying a Personal Trainer, and the guy who created the Big Day Body Plan, I felt even more pressure to look my best on our wedding day. As it turned out, I did!

I loved every minute of our special day and look back at our amazing wedding pictures with pride (and a very big smile on my face!)


The Big Day Body Plan Vs. Other Mainstream Weight Loss Plans

There are several very simple, yet very important, differences that separate the Big Day Body Plan from other well-known weight loss plans…

1. Specific Results

Other ‘Weight Loss Plans’ deliver weight loss…and that’s it!

But as a Bride-to-be, that simply isn’t goo enough. You don’t just want to lose weight. Instead, you’re looking to change the actual shape of your body and the way you feel within yourself.

That isn’t achieve simply by losing weight.

Instead, it is achieved by following a specific that whilst delivering excellent weight loss results, will also help you tone your arms, flatten your tummy, add shape to your hips and thighs, and most importantly – help you feel more confident and energetic day-to-day.

2. Do It On Your Own Terms

Unlike other programs out there, the BDBP doesn’t rely on you turning up on a certain day, at a certain time, in order to recieve the help, support and ongoing motivation you require.

Instead, you can access all of that anytime, anywhere.

Why should you be shackled to having to turn up to a meeting week-in-week-out in order to get help, especially when you’re paying for it.

The BDBP brings things in to the 21st century and allows you to access all the materials, help, support, guidance and motivation you could ever need from wherever you are and at whatever time you wish to view it.

All you need is to login to our membership area, take a look in our private members-only Facebook group, or send me across a message for some help.

…No sitting around in an old church hall or community centre listening to everyone else’s life story or excuses as to why they haven’t lost weight this week!

3. Pricing

I’m not one to sell myself based on price, especially when I’m the most expensive Personal Trainer in my area.

But with the BDBP your membership is just £97, less than £10 per week for a FULL 10-week program.

The reason it is this cheap is becuase of the nature of how the information is delivered….

There’s no staff to pay, no rooms to rent, no expensive marketing budgets that need paying.

It’s just you, me and a group of like-minded brides all accessing the best help, support and advice around all via the online hub I have built from scratch, specifically to serve this purpose.

Your 10-Week Program Includes...

Here’s a quick reminder of exactly what you get for a one-off investment of £97

As part of the Members Only Website, and the Private Facebook Support Group You Get…

✔ Two personalised diets to choose from, with videos and printable plans explaining each. Simply choose which suits you best and roll with it.

✔ Workouts to do at home OR at the gym, that take as little as 15-20 minutes.

✔ Goal-setting, mindset and motivational tasks to help you stick to everything and get amazing results.

✔ A private group with other brides all taking part in the plan with similar goals, ambitions and struggles to you.

✔ Your questions answered (by me) 24/7

✔ Weekly check-ins with me to troubleshoot any struggles and keep you going strong.

…Meaning that you get access to all of this:

Full online Membership Access
Specific Nutrition Support
Workout Archive Access
Facebook Community Access
100+ Page Recipe eBook
A Proven Step-By-Step Plan To Follow
 Special ‘Community Member’ Discount (For Life!)

Start Your Journey With Us Today...

*All payments are processed securely through PayPal. You can join the plan even if you don’t have a PayPal account and can pay using your card just as you would with any other online purchase. Paying through PayPal allows you to cancel your membership at ANY time without any notice period.

Still Unsure If This Is For You?

I would love for you to join myself and the other brides who are currently undertaking this journey.

But the reality is this…The Big Day Body Plan may not be right for you, and that’s absolutely fine!

However, if you find yourself ‘on the fence’ so to speak, then make sure you head back up the page and check out our written and video testimonials.


One Final Thing…

Does the thought of looking back on your wedding photos fill you with dread?

Are you excited about your big day, yet at the same time petrified that you’re not going to have the body of your dreams?


…Then let me help you.


This is NOT just a weight loss diet, and it isn’t designed to be one of those plans that has you doing 2-hour long workouts or surviving off little more than chicken salads.

Your Big Day Body Plan is all about getting you YOUR perfect wedding day body so you feel amazing and confident as you walk down the aisle, with guests looking at you in awe.

I ONLY work with brides who are committed to getting results, but want to do so in a fast, fun way, that doesn’t make the rest of life take a backseat.

Right now you’re probably thinking that getting in shape is complicated and scary. (And deep down, maybe you’re worried that if you try, you might fail?)

But let me assure you that this is completely normal.

You’re not alone in feeling like that, and it’s my duty and pleasure to help you have a body you can be proud of for your big day, and to show you how to maintain it for the rest of your life.

Imagine a situation where you have 100% confidence in how you look in your dress, and know that all eyes are on you.

I guarantee you’ll get there.

And if not, I’ll refund every penny you invest**

*All payments are processed securely through PayPal. You can join the plan even if you don’t have a PayPal account and can pay using your card just as you would with any other online purchase. Paying through PayPal allows you to cancel your membership at ANY time without any notice period.

**Money-back guarantees apply to brides who have purchesed the Big Day Body Plan and have participated in ALL elements for at least 4 weeks without seeing any results (weight loss, loss in circumference measurements, improvements in energy & mood). If all relevant parts of the plan have been followed, check-in sheets have been completed, and all food diaries have been completed and no positive results has occurred – you will be entitled to a full refund.

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