Eloise’s Story…

Learn How A Mother of 3 With A Full-Time Job Got Her Dream Wedding Body…

…Oh yeah, AND she was doing a masters degree too!

This is the story of Eloise.

A bride I helped last year (and still work with today)

Eloise had one goal, and one goal only – to look and feel her absolute best on her wedding day. When she came to me Eloise faced a problem pretty much EVERY bride I work with faces. She wanted great results, but had a VERY busy lifestyle and was finding that getting exercise into her routine consistently was a struggle.

The other issue she was facing is that she didn’t necessarily have a lot of weight to lose but really wanted to create a lot more tone across her body – something she hadn’t managed to do before. So we got straight into applying my 2 tried and tested principles for creating tone.

  1. Resistance
  2. Consistency

This might sound fancy, but it’s really not. By ‘resistance’ we mean weight training. Now that’s not to say we got in the weight room and got Eloise pumping iron like a bodybuilder.

No – all we did was transition her away from the outdated, ineffective method of exercise most brides use to tone (cardio) and in to a smarter, faster, more productive way, which was working with weights (in many cases, just her bodyweight).

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despite not really having any weight to lose, like most brides we work with, she still had a lot of progress to make in regards to the type of results she wanted to see.

Eloise essentially wanted feel confident on her wedding day and to look absolutely amazing in her wedding photos.

In order to achieve that, she felt she needed to tone up (particularly her arms) and get rid of what she had termed her ‘Back Boob’ that appeared when she tried her dress on.

We managed to achieve both those goals and further down you will be able to see a short testimonial video of Eloise discussing her results.

The biggest challenge Eloise faced was time.

As the title of this post suggests, Eloise is a very busy woman and has to balance looking after herself with everything else she needs to take care of.

Just like you.

With time being precious, we needed to make sure each workout was effective and always taking her a step closer to that toned look she was after, whilst helping her get fitter and feel healthier too.

The Results…

Results-wise, Eloise smashed it!

From April to July Eloise managed to drop her body fat percentage by 6%, going from 22% body fat to 16%.

This meant that without really changing her body weight at all, Eloise had managed to completely change the shape of her body and create tone across her arms, legs, hips and back – the key areas she looked to improve.

And as you can see this is how she looked on her big day….

Happy, confident and enjoying every moment.

Just as she had set out to do right from the start.


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