Big Day Body Plan

We Help Brides Feel Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

By the time June came around I had dropped 2 dress sizes and was starting to enjoy my new look body. How I dressed was changing, tighter fitting clothes started to feature in my wardrobe as my confidence in my appearance grew. Perfect timing for the July wedding day (and our honeymoon).

With Matt’s help, advice & support I lost weight, dress sizes and inches from all over my body – not to mention half the body fat I was carrying! As a result my confidence increased, I felt comfortable in front of the camera and I couldn’t be happier with how I looked on my wedding day.



I actually ENJOYED being on the wrong side of the camera and I felt awesome in my dress.  I look at the photos now and smile instead of cringe (for the first time in forever).  I honestly don’t believe that I would have had such an incredible day without Matt and his dedication to me and my goals.

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