The Big Day Body Plan

Helping Brides Like You Feel Your Absolute Best On Your Wedding Day
By the time June came around I had dropped 2 dress sizes and was starting to enjoy my new look body. How I dressed was changing, tighter fitting clothes started to feature in my wardrobe as my confidence in my appearance grew. Perfect timing for the July wedding day (and our honeymoon). Paula

With Matt’s help, advice & support I lost weight, dress sizes and inches from all over my body – not to mention half the body fat I was carrying! As a result my confidence increased, I felt comfortable in front of the camera and I couldn’t be happier with how I looked on my wedding day.



I actually ENJOYED being on the wrong side of the camera and I felt awesome in my dress.  I look at the photos now and smile instead of cringe (for the first time in forever).  I honestly don’t believe that I would have had such an incredible day without Matt and his dedication to me and my goals. Nicola

Discover how I’ve helped 100’s of Brides create a body shape they are proud of and comfortable with in time for their wedding day…

Hey, I’m Matt – and that’s me and my wife on our wedding day.

I’m a fat loss expert, specialising in helping brides look incredible on their wedding day. Let me tell you a little more…

The Big Day Body Plan provides Brides with the peace of mind and confidence that they will look & feel amazing on their wedding day, by giving them the motivation & solutions they need to get guaranteed results.

You could be the next success story, just like the Brides above!

Your Journey, Our Approach…


20-Minute Bridal Body Workouts

Forget slogging it out in the gym for hours on end. 

With this exercise program we aim to target JUST the key areas you want to improve most before your wedding day, meaning you can afford to spend less time working out, while still getting amazing results.

We have a selection of both ‘Home’ and ‘Gym’ based workouts for you to print and use as you wish, or access from any mobile/tablet device from anywhere you like.

From ‘absolute beginner’ exercsie plans to tougher super-targeted workouts – we’ve got all bases covered as you progress through our specific exercise system designed to not only help you lose weight, but sculpt your ‘Big Day Body’ as you go.

Make sure you check out our testimonial video on the next page to see what Brides have to say about our workouts that helped them to achieve their wedding day body goals.



Nutrition Made Simple

Let’s go back to basics and make this really easy!

In recent years it has become ever more difficult to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to food – it’s become complicated!

With this program we show you how you can follow a varied diet that not only allows you to enjoy the food you eat, it keeps things simple, convenient and ideal for all the family.

With our nutritional approach you will not only see great changes in your body shape, you will also notice great improvements in energy levels, concentration, skin quality, mood & sleep quality.

While weight loss and body composition changes are important, our key aim with your nutrition is to improve your overall health – That’s the foundation that underpins a happy, confident Bride.

We provide videos, food plans, a 170+ page recipe book (digital), and everything you need to understand how to eat the right way AND keep it simple to follow.

Daily Exercise Motivation & Regular Progress Tracking

Two of the biggest reasons my 1-1 clients see fantastic results!

When I built the Big Day Body Plan I wanted to find a solution as to why people I work with 1-1 get results (and keep them), but those following other popular weight loss plans don’t.

In short, I believe a key driver behind these maintained results are the daily motivation and ongoing tracking I provide my 1-1 clients with.

With our private ‘Members Only Facebook Group’ you can access me and the other members of the plan easily from wherever you are and get the help, support and answers to your questions that you need.

On top of that, in the ‘Members Only Area’ of the website you will get access too, there are a range of support materials to help you track your progress, stay focused and keep on track.

On the next page, notice how many Brides refer to the support they recieve and the ongoing guidence they get to ensure they get amazing reults.

Everything You Need In One Place…

The Ultimate Convenience For Achieving Your Body Goals

With the Big Day Body Plan you have everything you need in one easy-to-use place. Not only that, but you can access that place from anywhere, on any device.

Your workouts, nutrition plans & additional support can all be found in our ‘Members Only Area’ of our website, which you will be able to login to and access everything as soon as you join.

Everything is printable if you prefer paper copies. Any guides, links or additional resources that we suggest, we always provide a link to it in the members area.

With the Big Day Body Plan the idea is that you only have to go to one place to find EVERYTHING you need to get your results – no scouring all over for answers to your questions or quality resources.

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